We invite our guests to enjoy their meal at the Hofburg restaurant which serves a good variety of dishes of Russian and European cuisine or to have a snack in a pleasant interior and a friendly environment at the cozy lobby-bar. Room-service in our hotel is provided round-the-clock.

Restaurant Hofburg

Every day the atrium Hofburg restaurant serves buffet breakfasts, and business lunches and dinners a La carte.

If you are after a square meal the Hofburg restaurant is a right pick where you can choose from a variety of succulent meat dishes from the Russian and European menu. If you have a sweet tooth you will surely enjoy delicious desserts made at the gourmet level.

The restaurant offers a wide selection of alcoholic beverages and rightly boasts its imposing wine collection.

Lobby bar

Treat yourself to a cup of aromatic coffee or fragrant tea and explore the assortment of snacks in a cozy two-level lobby bar. The bar presents an ease atmosphere which disposes to a friendly chat or a talk on business matters in an informal setting.

Bar Paris

Summer cafe


Around-the-clock service

You do not have to leave your room to have breakfast, dinner or supper. You can order any dishes and drinks from the menu directly to your room round-the-clock.

The phone number is in the guest folder.